It is important that you are familiar with and understand the Terms & Conditions that apply to all bookings and stays at The Deck Retreat. This document covers matters such as cancellations, check-in and check-out times, pets, inclusions & exclusions.


Ensure that you have read and understand the Terms & Conditions before you confirm your booking. Your booking becomes a confirmed booking upon receipt of your deposit and acknowledgement by your booking agent. Payment of a deposit means that you accept all of the Terms & Conditions for The Deck Retreat.

The Deck Retreat also has an Internet Policy.


Click on the buttons below which will take you to the full Terms & Conditions and the Internet Policy. You can save and print these documents.

The Deck Retreat is located only 10 minutes from The Lodge of Dundee, Dundee Beach.

Launceston Road, Dundee Beach

Northern Territory - Australia

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